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Healthcare’s Sector Cybersecurity Challenges by Elizabeth Morales

We rely on the usage of the Internet and our computers in our everyday lives, and there are potential hazards associated with implementing sophisticated security measures into that software. Hackers, attackers, and intruders often exploit vulnerabilities inside those software and computer systems for their gain. Activities include creating viruses, theft, and manipulating personal information. 

Malware is unwanted files or programs that can harm a computer’s stored data with viruses, worms, and trojan horses which is a type of computer virus. Malware can make you perform specific actions like opening an email or visiting a particular webpage before infecting your computer and spreading it to others. Other malware types can claim to want to enhance computer speed but secretly send confidential information to a remote intruder. 

Cybersecurity threats are a big concern for healthcare organizations and their patients' safety. Healthcare information technology relies on wireless technologies, which are susceptible to cyber-attacks. Hospitals have been forced to redirect their patients due to such attacks, which has caused difficulties in accessing patient records for continued care. Cyber-attacks expose a patient's sensitive information, resulting in significant financial costs to regain back control of the hospital’s systems and patient data. Even the most secure systems can be affected by these attacks on IT systems and medical devices. 

The 405(d) Aligning Healthcare Security Approaches Program was created by the Health and Human Services (HHS) and its industry partners in response to the Cybersecurity Act in 2015, Section 405(d). It aims to support the Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) Sector by offering valuable resources, products, and tools to promote cybersecurity awareness and offer trusted practices.


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